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BLOC Weekend 2010 photos! update x315 Mar 2010

BLOC Weekend 2010 photos! update x3 -  - TrendGiveAfuck

It’s Monday evening and we just came home from bus rides, planes and hangovers (actually, we’re still hungover). BLOC 2010 was a blast! – I haven’t had this fun a party since last BLOC, and I’m pretty sure The Licious can’t disagree. We had a real captain time, seeing Salt n’ Pepa (!!!), Roots Manuva, Autechre, Anti, Derrick May, and many others – dacing our asses off, partying with our very good Briton (and New Zeelandish) friends, talking with all of you really captain BLOCers, and taking loads of photographs! Thanks for everything!

Oh yeah, ya wanna see the photos? Stay in line and behave – here’s the status:

BLOC Weekend – Friday 13th
BLOC Weekend – Saturday 14th
BLOC Weekend – Sunday 15th

Ta ta for now – I’m off to the jacuzzi for a rest and to reflect upon the past weekend

New TrendGiveAfuck site around the corner28 Feb 2010

New TrendGiveAfuck site around the corner -  - TrendGiveAfuck

We are captain. This site is not captain. Therefore we are rebuilding it from the ground up to suit all needs of you, the visitor, us, and our partners and future sponsors.

I won’t promise any date, but I’ll work as hard as I can on my free time.

Here are some (not all) mockups that did NOT go through to our final design ;)

Click here to view them

Site was down! Now we’re up!7 Jan 2010

Site was down! Now we’re up! -  - TrendGiveAfuck

Hey guys n’ gals! Our ISP f*cked up something yesterday and we didn’t know until today, so I guess www.TrendGiveAfuck.com was down for at least 24 hours!

We’re so sorry! To make you feel better we put up some random photos from our London trip last week! Enjoy!

The 2nd half of the NYE photos will arrive in about two days – yeah, we’re playas all right!

Merry Christmas!24 Dec 2009

Merry Christmas! -  - TrendGiveAfuck

The Licious and I are enjoying the day before Christmas with Swedish glögg and shisha, wishing you happy days to come!

See you in East London for New Year’s Eve ;)

Blog Awards pics coming soon (update)18 Oct 2009

Blog Awards pics coming soon (update) -  - TrendGiveAfuck

We’re currently very busy with hangovers, exercising and dates editing the photos from yesterday’s Blog Awards after party. Expect them tonight or tomorrow! Whee!

Updated: They’re here!

WTF?! Where are dem articlez? And something about Glade.22 Jul 2009

WTF?! Where are dem articlez? And something about Glade. -  - TrendGiveAfuck

Looks empty here, doesn’t it? Who knows why, but we’ll upload the articles again in a week or two. We just came home from Glade Festival 2009, which was smashing (our heads and bodies are numb) and now I’m moving to another apartment and Delicious is down south surfing. Lucky bastard.

We’ve got lots of pics from the festival to show you, but they’ll have to wait a couple of more days too. Don’t fret – here’s a teaser sent to us from two lovely girls who were lucky to get our attention.

Usually when someone else takes a photo of us, it looks like ass, but the composition of this one was great! I can only imagine that lots of creative people listen to electronica as we do. Thanks, Naomi!