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Modemanifestet – De stilsmartas handbok26 Mar 2011

Modemanifestet – De stilsmartas handbok -  - TrendGiveAfuck

A new Swedish book about style is out in the shops! Modemanifestet – De stilsmartas handbok by Sofia Hedström explores how we can communicate our personal style on a very low budget.

By being creative with what we have, and use the clothes others are willing to throw, or give away we save money, free up time by avoiding weekly shopping sprees, save the environment by cutting down on material and production and last but not least; get cred for having a unique personal style! (having a personal style is on the top-10 list of things that give you status in Sweden).

Hanna, 29, Stockholm30 Nov 2009

Hanna, 29, Stockholm -  - TrendGiveAfuck

Hanna don’t let her style down just because she’s at work. Imagine her when she’s off duty.

Monki gets them colours on29 Nov 2009

Monki gets them colours on -  - TrendGiveAfuck

If TrendGiveAfuck would start its own clothes store (man would that be nice!?) it could probably look something like this. But it wouldn’t look like this because this is Monki in Stockholm and we wouldn’t want to be confused with them now would we? Anyhow, awesome interior and I’m sure they have nice clothes as well (any female trendfucker wanna confirm?)

Stacy, 25, Stockholm28 Nov 2009

Stacy, 25, Stockholm -  - TrendGiveAfuck

Stacy from Taiwan got all her layers and colour spots nailed. And a chandelier on her sweatshirt.

Man & Vänner DJs Andreas, 22, Stockholm22 Nov 2009

Man & Vänner DJs Andreas, 22, Stockholm -  - TrendGiveAfuck

We met with Andreas from Man & Vänner DJs this weekend. His inspiration for his outfit is electro. As an electro DJ he surely knows his style! We’re looking forward to joining them at their next club in Gothenburg!

Myrorna’s ad copy is really spot on.24 Sep 2009

Myrorna’s ad copy is really spot on. -  - TrendGiveAfuck

Vintage stores go TrendGiveAfuck!

It’s old news that second hand stores offer a big variety of clothes to feed your original style. What surprised me when I browsed through the latest issue of Rodeo magazine was that both Myrorna and Stockholms Stadsmission had ads in it which had a strong TrendGiveAfuck feeling to them. No longer are we talking about these shops as cheap alternatives to get a costume for Halloween or a suit you’re only going to use one time. Now we’re talking hot street fashion and charity at the same time and everybody in the scene just loves it. We always buy second hand and we always give it back. So if you fall in love with any of our outfits you could actually find it in a second hand store with a little bit of luck.

But Stadsmissionen's outfits are one notch higher.

Stadsmissionen's outfits are one notch higher than Myrorna.