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Bad interior design11 Feb 2010

Bad interior design -  - TrendGiveAfuck

I guess this is how we would have started out if we had decided to do InteriorGiveAfuck instead of TrendGiveAfuck. This is a perfect example of how it goes when someone who kind of thinks he got it does his thing. You know, the guy who thinks he’s actually quite a good dancer, or pretty good with women, or in this case, has a good sense of style and interior design. You don’t wanna be mean and tell them they’re not, but with just a few pinpointed tips they would get so much better at what they do.

As long as you are aware of wahat you’re doing it’s all fine, because we can tell; you got your style and your flavour all over the place. But when you’re not aware, then things go flipside very fast. 

Please, don’t do this at home:

- Having 90% of your furniture from Ikea doesn’t make it very personal.

- Shoving off your media equipment is not captain in any way.

- Squeezing in your bar on a tiny side table, and have it on display in your living room is not captain either. Especially not when it includes bag-in-box vodka.

- Fake brick walls does not make it look like a NY studio. It just looks tacky.


The XX, Weekday, girls’ taste in music, and guys’ will to change anything26 Jan 2010

The XX, Weekday, girls’ taste in music, and guys’ will to change anything -  - TrendGiveAfuck

We don’t have this blog to be politically correct, so I take the liberty of saying: Swedish girls’ taste in music sucks. Too many are saying “I listen to a little bit of everything” when they really mean they listen to the terrible pop channels or Eurovision Contest winners and nominees. Blah.

Okay, Swedish people in general have bad taste, but what an article in Swedish events blog “DN På Sta’n” indicates, is that of all shopkeepers in different clothes shops, guys are the most prominent in complaining or taking control of what music is being played in their shop.

Why? I wish I knew!

A while back before I got work as a graphics and web designer, I used to work at 7-Eleven. All 7-Eleven stores have a contract with Swedish radio channel RixFM (which sucks balls, mainly because they plays the same Top 10 tracks over and over again) and must be played during all 24 opening hours. I, of course, always brought my iPod with me, to many customer’s delight. Like 7-Eleven, most shops have a deal with a channel, or must play CDs or playlists ordered from “up top”. Weekday, on the other hand, has quite a different approach, and quite different music. From the article mentioned earlier I read “because most of the employees are male” and “guys have demands”. They even have a DJ booth at their store.

C’mon, you girls with strong wills and opinions – teach your girlfriends that there is so much music out there, and when you want something – go ahead and take control! You just might meet a guy with the same taste in music and life ^_^

Amanda Berg – helping or ruining the style of Gothenburg?17 Jan 2010

Amanda Berg – helping or ruining the style of Gothenburg? -  - TrendGiveAfuck

In an article in Swedish free newspaper Metro, Amanda Berg says she will help the less posh Gothenburg with inspiration for other styles. The first quote “why wear one bracelet when you can wear five” sounds promising, but not many lines later she loses many points in her views of how the spring fashion should look like:

1) Sweatpants work in any form.
Comment: yes, if you want to look like a tramp. You don’t have to have any imagination to think what to wear in the morning, and they are easy to take off if someone hands you a penny or two.

2) High-fit shirts shows of your tummy and are great with high-fit jeans!
Comment: Oh no, please… no high-fit trousers! They make anyone’s bum look like it’s on an 80-year old.

3) Strong colours no pastels as usual, but higher contrast and neon.
Comment: Well, why not. But it’s not new.

Closing comment: What about GUYS!?

Americans on the coasts got better style.8 Jan 2010

Americans on the coasts got better style. -  - TrendGiveAfuck

As if that would be a surprise. But here is the evidence anyway. Looking at this Google Analytics excerpt, showing our American visitor’s locations we can clearly see that we lack a fan base in the heart of the country.

Maybe we should introduce a new angle to the TrendGiveAfuck concept. How about this RedneckGiveAfuck? I’ve said it before and I say it again – as long as you got style you need nothing else.

Fashion shoe to come8 Jan 2010

Fashion shoe to come -  - TrendGiveAfuck

I found this intersting shoe a couple of days ago. Looks like they’ve put together two shoes in this new model.

… well, that was my first thought when I saw it from distance at least. But I’m all up for the idea – the scene has played around with fabrics and colours for a while now, so it’s about time to move on to shapes. I could totally see this doable, so don’t give me shit when it’s a trend next season.


Donnie Darko, TrendGiveAfuck, or just gay?18 Dec 2009

Donnie Darko, TrendGiveAfuck, or just gay? -  - TrendGiveAfuck

I really dig that bunny shirt! Reminds me of Frank the bunny rabbit from Delicious’ and my favourite movie Donnie Darko. Looks like these guys are having a terrific game night, but maybe a little too much snorts? – this is NOT us7 Dec 2009 – this is NOT us -  - TrendGiveAfuck

Last Saturday at Fabriken I had a discussion with some very nice girls about how far we could go trendgiveafucking. Our idea is to enhance your style, and brag about who you are as an individual, avoiding locking yourself into a certain social group. Clearly, being a man and wearing a dress (or women’s lingerie) is NOT trendgiveafucking. What kind of site is this anyway!? (Warning, contains penises)

La Roux1 Dec 2009

La Roux -  - TrendGiveAfuck

Not only is Elly Jackson of La Roux an awesome music artist, she is also a fucking TrendGiveAfuck avantgarde!