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New watch brand by the Licious7 Jul 2012

New watch brand by the Licious -  - TrendGiveAfuck

Ok, so not much activity on this web site anymore which both of us find rather sad but life goes on and old ventures have to make space for new ones. One of those new ones is Gloriousdays; a feel-good watch brand crafted and launched by our very own the Licious.

Over at you can now get your cute hands on Bambu, a bamboo men’s watch that is sure to add flavour and summery beach vibes to your style.

Gloriousdays Bambu White

TK Maxx – Give up your clothes for Good1 Apr 2010

TK Maxx – Give up your clothes for Good -  - TrendGiveAfuck

TK Maxx, United Kingdom, is taking clothes donations from 5th to 25th of April! Earnings from clothes collected and sold will go to Cancer Research UK. Click here to visit their page

For the really trendy ones, TK Maxx also has a Celebrity Auction on eBay, if you want to buy the REALLY posh cloths worn by someone famous, you know, those who buy one outfit for £, wears it just one evening, and usually throws it away.

TK Maxx isn’t the only shop selling 2nd hand clothes, and not the only one taking clothes donations. Personally I think they are just trying to earn some false good will to attract more bohemian customers.

Monki gets them colours on29 Nov 2009

Monki gets them colours on -  - TrendGiveAfuck

If TrendGiveAfuck would start its own clothes store (man would that be nice!?) it could probably look something like this. But it wouldn’t look like this because this is Monki in Stockholm and we wouldn’t want to be confused with them now would we? Anyhow, awesome interior and I’m sure they have nice clothes as well (any female trendfucker wanna confirm?)

Helly Hansen – Warm is the new Black25 Nov 2009

Helly Hansen – Warm is the new Black -  - TrendGiveAfuck

helly-hansen-logoDid you see the snowboard competition at the Stockholm Stadium this weekend? Whichever, if you’re a winter-sports fan, you might want to check Helly Hansen’s new lineup – where “warm is the new black”.

Show us your style and stylish combos in the slopes!

I just love the tractor-cocktail glass combo! :D

Dem Shopz: G2614 Oct 2009

Dem Shopz: G26 -  - TrendGiveAfuck

G26 imports their own cool assortment of clothes with unique design from brands such as Humör, and Desigual. They have practically anything you’d need, from shoes to t-shirts with funny print to jackets.

I like Desigual clothes because the, basically, cut apart traditional shirts and pikés and sew them back together with thick stiches and add cool embroideries.

The shop can be found on Götgatan 26 in Stockholm.

Dem Shopz: Sneakers n Stuff24 Sep 2009

Dem Shopz: Sneakers n Stuff -  - TrendGiveAfuck

On our way to Beyond Retro we found this shop at Åsögatan 124, Stockholm.

Sneakers n Stuff has a very nice assortment of colourful sneakers (duh) in which you surely would feel unique, as well as nice shirts n t-shirts. If you have a hard time deciding, you can have a nice latte and something sweet and enjoy the street view, or sit inside chatting with the pretty personel ^_^

Secret Street Art outside SNS
And for us fans of street art, SNS has some secrets here and there, can you find them all?