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The secret to happiness17 Apr 2010

The secret to happiness -  - TrendGiveAfuck

Why do we have TrendGiveAfuck? The answer is not the same as to the question why did we create TrendGiveAfuck. We created TrendGiveAfuck because we were so damn tired of the club scene and nightlife in Stockholm in 2008, so we just wanted to do something different and mock the whole scene.

Today I would say TrendGiveAfuck tries to achieve two things, besides the obvious reason that two late-bloomers still want to have a reason to go out and get dirty and have fun.

ONE: What if we could affect people to dress a little bit more colourful (not as in reflections of light even though that is really really nice as well, but as in “show your true colours”-colours) and drop the guard for a while. We don’t have to follow trends, and we don’t have to belong to a genre or group style-wise. I think we would all be a bit happier.

TWO: What if we could make people believe in themselves, and realize that style adds to your self confidence (charismatic people will always be appreciated, and appreciated people will always grow self confidence). And by believing in yourself, your potential, and striving to be the person you really want to be, I think you will be a happier person.

Both Adorian and I have been doing this for over a year now, and boy have we grown! I’m glad to say that we are the living proof that this works.

What’s up with the hating?14 Dec 2009

What’s up with the hating? -  - TrendGiveAfuck

Why do people get annoyed when they see something they don’t like? And do they really feel better after taking a dump on it? I strongly believe that the less you hate, the happier life you’ll have, and the solution is all in how you percieve yourself and how well that image harmonize with who you want to be.

TrendGiveAfuck is like a ticking bomb, ready to be hated on. We dress funny for no obvious reason, steal the attention and have fun doing it. Some people can’t cope with that. But surprisingly enough, people cheer us and reward us with a smile on their face.

I wasn’t that fortunate this weekend when I was out with my bro. This rather modest outfit and my good mood (because I can’t really think of anything else, unless I walk in a very cocky way without knowing of it) gave me a hard shoulder tackle from a passing bloke (the kind of tackle that might unintentionally occur in a crowdy street, but we had plenty of space), and a second later a girl comments my nice pants. One bad reaction, one good reaction.  Balance restored. But seriously, that tackle was really uncalled for.

Ztatus clothing part of your success?5 Nov 2009

Ztatus clothing part of your success? -  - TrendGiveAfuck

As Ztatus clothing says: Your wardrobe is part of your success.

They couldn’t be more right. Nowadays when you are your brand and everyone is an expert at networking and knows his elevator pitch by heart, you better stand out.

Align your clothes with the occastion but don’t be afraid to add some personal flavour. And if there’s no dress code – playtime!

Delicious on style28 Oct 2009

Delicious on style -  - TrendGiveAfuck

I can go mad on those who buy shoes for ten grand and yet I’m running a site mainly focusing on apparel and visual appearance. So clothes and personal attributes seem to be important to me and it still frustrates me when I meet a really sweet girl and she disqualifies herself by telling me how her biggest interests are clothes and shopping. Am I being contradictive? Am I being shallow and hating it? No, not at all and this is why: Fashion and trends are BS, style is everything. (more…)

Stockholm! Show us your inner beauty!29 Aug 2009

Stockholm! Show us your inner beauty! -  - TrendGiveAfuck

We at TrendGiveAfuck want all people to dress a little lively, share some more colour than the standard black and white clothes Swedish people tend to be wearing. We want everyone to be a little more creative and combine more styles – to be a collage of what YOU think and feel today. That is one of the reasons to why we sometimes (or often) dress in an extreme fashion. If we dress a lot worse, it won’t be a huge step for everyone else to just add some funny bits to their clothing – you’ll never be as crazy as us ;)

Today, I and Delicious were out photographing people on the streets for a new part of We want to capture all of you who dress independently from the current trends, who have thought a little bit extra this morning, or just show a huge amount of charm in your appearance. Every day, you will see a new face on this blog, and perhaps a comment to why we thought he or she was worth having his/her photo taken.

We must say, though, that we were a bit disappointed in how hard it was to find these jems of the streets! C’mon, Stockholm! Life is not black&white, it’s as colourful as your breakfast cereal (uhm.. if you have M&M’s for breakfast, that is). Brighten up your day and everyone else’s by adding something extra to your exterior!

We’ll love you for it!