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TrendGiveAfuck + Club Give = Pure Love6 Oct 2009

TrendGiveAfuck + Club Give = Pure Love -  - TrendGiveAfuck

October 10 is a date you want to mark with a phat, shimmering party marker pen. At least if you live in Umeå, Sweden.

TrendGiveAfuck will pay Club Give a visit and that means a big euphoria of music, stylish people and party. So be sure not to miss out on this event and bring your best outfit! You can find inspiration here

Club Give is a club in Umeå where all profits go to charity. A concept well aligned with TrendGiveAfuck. Read more about them at or their group on Facebook.

“Klubb Shibuya” or “Syntax Error”?26 Sep 2009

“Klubb Shibuya” or “Syntax Error”? -  - TrendGiveAfuck

Where shall we go tonight? Japanese pop house Klubb Shibuya or Syntax Error? Shibuya’s web site has the worst implementation I’ve seen in a long time, and doesn’t work right now, but maybe they’re better at parties? Syntax Error might have too much “blip blop” or maybe the best hipster electro ever?

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Also, can you guess my outfit? ^_^

And below is a hint to Delicious’ outfit:

PopTron fuels your pre-party10 Sep 2009

PopTron fuels your pre-party -  - TrendGiveAfuck

Hipsters love this.

Do you like music? I do. I adore music, if it’s the right kind. Soma FM’s Groove Salad got me hooked on the chilled/defrosted part of electronica in 2001, and though a lot has happened since then Groove Salad still delivers the best chillout on the world wide web. However today I found a new station on the Soma FM menu that caught my attention.

Røyksopp, Datarock, Bloc Party, Mew, LCD Soundsystem, Ratatat, Go! Team…. PopTron serves “electropop and indie dance rock with sparkle and pop” that will make you move.

It’s perfect for those trendy ass fashionista preparties of yours and from now on it will be obligatory on the TrendGiveAfuck parties. And if you’re not in the mood, it’s still worth a visit just to enjoy the random and spontanious lyrics that took two months to come up with, delivered by some inveterately hoarse indie chic. Like I told Adorian – I haven’t heard music this pretentious since I gave Belle & Sebastian a try in the beginning of the century.

You can play Internet radio in any mp3-player you have, like iTunes, Windows Media Player or Winamp. click here to listen.

Teddybears @ Berns4 Sep 2009

Teddybears @ Berns -  - TrendGiveAfuck

Yesterday the eminent electro punkrock band Teddybears, as they call themselves after making it to the states and removing the STHLM suffix, held a free concert at Berns in Stockholm. I’ve been a Teddybears fan for many years and this was an opportunity not to be missed since I haven’t seen them live since 2001.

The venue was packed with people who was patiently waiting in front of a huge curtain covering the scene. Then 30 minutes after announced time for take off the curtain dropped and three bears in black suits blasted off with Ahead of my time. The strong opening was followed by other hits from Rock’n'Roll Highschool and Fresh but the audience was also treated with new songs from their coming album. A lot of guest artist showed up on the stage whereof  Robyn, also first disguised in a bear mask, was the biggest name. A girl next to me went “Is it really Robyn? How cool isn’t that!?”.

And sure it was Robyn, there to perform Cobrastyle one hour into the show. Unfortunately there was some technical problems with the sound system right then and the drummers (yes, they had two of them) entertained the audience with a hardcore drum medley while they tried to fix the problem. This was however a task too hard to accomplish and after a short Cobrastyle performance accompanied by a tight beatbox by Swingfly, Robyn walked off stage and the concert was over.

I still got to give Teddybears huge props for doing a free concert that was wicked while it lasted. Be sure to check out their new album when it hits the streets, it has huge potential to kick ass.

Glade Festival 2009, good people, and evil corporations14 Aug 2009

Glade Festival 2009, good people, and evil corporations -  - TrendGiveAfuck

Sometimes when you finally can relax in the bathtub after a week’s hard work, you get this perfect idea for something so that you can’t just continue lying there – you must get out and create FAST before the idea vanishes into the thick mess of thoughts it originated from. This was one of those times.

There hasn’t been so much happening on this site for more than a week, so I thought to tell you something I guess you’d wanted me to tell you since July. I’m going to tell you about the Glade Festival 2009 and as a bonus I’m going to mention a huge company you should look out for, and, for contrast, big hearts of people.

Let’s start with the evil corporation.