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BLOC Weekend 2010 photos! update x315 Mar 2010

BLOC Weekend 2010 photos! update x3 -  - TrendGiveAfuck

It’s Monday evening and we just came home from bus rides, planes and hangovers (actually, we’re still hungover). BLOC 2010 was a blast! – I haven’t had this fun a party since last BLOC, and I’m pretty sure The Licious can’t disagree. We had a real captain time, seeing Salt n’ Pepa (!!!), Roots Manuva, Autechre, Anti, Derrick May, and many others – dacing our asses off, partying with our very good Briton (and New Zeelandish) friends, talking with all of you really captain BLOCers, and taking loads of photographs! Thanks for everything!

Oh yeah, ya wanna see the photos? Stay in line and behave – here’s the status:

BLOC Weekend – Friday 13th
BLOC Weekend – Saturday 14th
BLOC Weekend – Sunday 15th

Ta ta for now – I’m off to the jacuzzi for a rest and to reflect upon the past weekend

BLOC Weekend 2010!!!12 Mar 2010

BLOC Weekend 2010!!! -  - TrendGiveAfuck

This weekend I’m joining Adorian in England for some major mayhem at BLOC Weekend. Electro festival at its best! So expect a big update in the events section sometime next week. While waiting for that, have a look at last year’s BLOC photos.

The flight is hours away so I better get some sleep.

PS. Apparently, Adorian is already at full power at BLOC! DS.

BLOC 2010 Launch Party – at Easter Electrics New Years Eve party!27 Nov 2009

BLOC 2010 Launch Party – at Easter Electrics New Years Eve party! -  - TrendGiveAfuck

That is, lots of party! Because TrendGiveAfuck’s gonna be there!

Why not go to England with us? Three arenas of electronic style music and hundreds of crazy people in London (including us) awaits! Just to take the fish n’ chips…

Read about BLOC’s event here, link to Eastern Electrics

Stockholms Filmfestivals Invigningsfest – Metropia20 Nov 2009

Stockholms Filmfestivals Invigningsfest – Metropia -  - TrendGiveAfuck

Good morning! How are you? Fine, thank you! I’ve slept eight whole hours and starting up the day with a huge café latte while listening to PopTron on

stockholms-filmfestivals-invigningsfest-metropiaTonight we’re gonna attend the Stockholm Film Festival opening party looking through our looking glasses (cameras) for nice indie outfits! Be there and bring some cool clothes!

Blog Awards! Guess Adorian’s outfit17 Oct 2009

Blog Awards! Guess Adorian’s outfit -  - TrendGiveAfuck

I didn’t have time to take a photo of the clothes (I fell asleep), but my outfit kinda looks like this:

and I bought these rad special-edition Lacoste canvas shoes from Sneakers n Stuff


TrendGiveAfuck turns 1yr old – celebrates @ Vecko Revyn Blog Awards14 Oct 2009

TrendGiveAfuck turns 1yr old – celebrates @ Vecko Revyn Blog Awards -  - TrendGiveAfuck

Hurray for us! On Sunday it’s exactly one year since our first TrendGiveAfuck night out! A lot has happened since then, and next week I and Delicious will tell you about what has happened during the year. To celebrate we just got tickets to the Vecko Revyn after party at Café Opera on Saturday.

We’re gonna have fun!

Club Give Fashion Contest!13 Oct 2009

Club Give Fashion Contest! -  - TrendGiveAfuck

Before the weekend of the 10th of October we announced that we were going to have a competition at Club Give (click here for event photos). Well here it is! We’ve selected the top five outfits in Umeå for you all to enjoy.

Go ahead, vote for your favourite – the winner will get one watch from Knokk in the colour of his or her choosing (more colours on their site)! Contest will go on for as long as it has to (October 19th).

Click here to view the contestants and vote!

Guess Adorian’s outfit!9 Oct 2009

Guess Adorian’s outfit! -  - TrendGiveAfuck

Don’t miss Club Give tomorrow! We certainly won’t, we’re the guests of honour!

No, YOU’re the guests of honour – and we have a competition for ya! Wear some crazy outfits, and we’ll pick some of you for a hip n’ crazy election! The winner gets a special price and the jury consists of all our visitors!

BTW, can you guess my outfit? ^_^