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iPod and phone charging Power Wellies!11 Jun 2010

iPod and phone charging Power Wellies! -  - TrendGiveAfuck

Orange, together with Gotwind, have designed thermoelectric wellingtons that charge your mobile phone using heat from your feet!

From their press release:
Twelve hours of stomping through the Glastonbury Festival in your Orange Power Wellies will give you enough power to charge a mobile phone for one hour. To increase the length of time you can charge your phone for, simply hot step it to the dance tent because the hotter your feet get, the more energy you produce.

Although still just a prototype and unavailable to buy, the Orange Power Wellies will be showcased by Orange at Glastonbury Festival later this month. So visit their “Chill n’ Charge” tent – you may see other cool eco-friendly charging things like the Foot Power Pump, as well as contests to win side-of-stage tickets…. and charge your phone, of course!

Hot chick not included

Save our Festivals!27 May 2010

Save our Festivals! -  - TrendGiveAfuck

I found and old ticket in a pile of rubble in a suitcase. Glade was happy times! This year, it was cancelled due to policy restrictions and too much police involvment.

A Facebook group tells more about closed down festivals and how to protect your other favourite festivals, and I urge you to join and continue the discussions:

Last year saw the closure of the Big Green and Thimbleberry Festival. This year, so far, Strawberry Fair and now the Glade……….. How many more are facing similar problems?

The aim of this group will be to bring together all those who are saying ‘enough is enough’. Stop closing down our festivals. Excessive charges for policing and over the top Health and Safety are killing a lot of the small, independent festivals.
This has to stop…

Visit Save Our Festivals here.

Take a look at how fun we had at Glade last year!

It’s Friday!9 Apr 2010

It’s Friday! -  - TrendGiveAfuck

Folks – It’s Friday and the weather in Stockholm is rainy and gloomy. God can make it rain on us, but we know what time it is so let’s go out there and have shitloads of fun!

Tomorrow I might do my first single (in as 50% of the original TrendGiveAfuck duo) event, so that’s gonna be interesting. At least I’ll have my lovely Lab 5 divas to back me up.

Fingers Breakdance!7 Apr 2010

Fingers Breakdance! -  - TrendGiveAfuck

It’s Li’l Saturday again! Let’s practice some breakdance moves before going out tonight, shall we!?

Shunt – Dean Gibbons and the knowledge of death5 Apr 2010

Shunt – Dean Gibbons and the knowledge of death -  - TrendGiveAfuck

Shunt is a gigantic cellar themed pub, it’s entrance through a small door right in London Bridge underground station. Three bars, many chairs sofas and tables, fresh and damp air (it used to be a wine storage), short film cinema, experimental music, still image and object art standing or hanging here and there.

I went there without much expectation, except for the tempo to rise after twelve or something, which, unfortunately, didn’t happen before I got too tired and went home. The club seOne, a really captain club under London Bridge, had similar huge cellar vaults but is now closed :(

I did enjoy the very cozy place of Shunt and spent a couple of hours there, enjoying the magnificent atmosphere and mixed-form art, and look forward to going there again, now without expectation for tempo. Perhaps they will surprise with some lounge music next time :)

View some photographs of the interior below:
Click here

Coki @ All Out Dubstep3 Apr 2010

Coki @ All Out Dubstep -  - TrendGiveAfuck

Since BLOC a couple of weeks back I’ve been pretty hooked on dubstep. It’s not very enjoyable to play at home, but it’s definitely the best dance music there is on the club scene. Luckily for me Sweden’s got its very own dubstep crew, All Out Dubstep, that gives us food four body and soul on a monthly basis.

Yesterday Coki (UK) of Digital Mystikz played at Fabriken, and though I arrived pretty late it was two intense and fantastic hours of dancing.

BLOC Weekend After Party @ Eastern Electrics30 Mar 2010

BLOC Weekend After Party @ Eastern Electrics -  - TrendGiveAfuck

On the first day, God created BLOC Weekend.
On the second day, God created BLOC Weekend After Party! YEAH!

For now in a secret location, Eastern Electrics will feature Disco Bloodbath, Mulletover and BLOC fully charged giving you the latest in electronica. May the 2nd before a bank holiday. Click here to read more.

We were there last New Year and it was captain! This year, however, we will be half the core TrendGiveAfuck, as The Licious is out and about in Sweden. Adorian will be there with a delicious stand-in, camera fully loaded ready to shoot all cool outfits. And ourselves, as usual.

Plan B – night clubbing in Brixton25 Mar 2010

Plan B – night clubbing in Brixton -  - TrendGiveAfuck

I was out and about viewing a temp room to stay in the next coming weeks, so I kinda missed “little Saturday”. I was careless enough to tell you about this really cool club in Brixton, London – Plan B – where you can get old school hiphop, r&b and house.

And, best of all – their website is really slick!