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American Crew Shampoo6 Oct 2009

American Crew Shampoo -  - TrendGiveAfuck

There are two kinds of guys, those who don’t take care of their hair, and those who take too much care of their hair. Since I went from long hair to short, I stopped caring so much. I do use American Crew’s daily shampoo because I care about quality, but today I also bought their conditioner, and I must say damn, the soothing feeling just seconds after applying it is mezmerizing. If hair could eat, it would taste like strong mint!

I had taken a long, hot bath, then started to shower. After applying the conditioner I got stuck in the hot shower with my eyes closed. Mmm… it’s half an hour later or more, and I’ve made a cup of tea. I’m living in an orgasm (almost) and fear that I can’t concentrate on the business-card designs and networking I’m supposed to do this evening. ^_^

I don’t care if it’s good for my hair or not, I’m hooked!

Adorian’s sister Johanna27 Sep 2009

Adorian’s sister Johanna -  - TrendGiveAfuck

… knows some TrendGiveAfucking too! ^_^