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This is it10 Mar 2010

This is it -  - TrendGiveAfuck

Just half an hour before lift off. United Kingdom before me, Sweden behind me.

If life was like a book, this is not the end of a chapter. It’s the end of a volume. A new front cover, a new page intentionally left blank, a new page dedicated to all my wonderful friends from before, and new jewels I’ve met just the last couple of months. Friends I’m so lucky to have back home in Sweden.

This is not farewell. It’s “au revoir! You will be surely missed and I will try to come to Stockholm, Malmö, Älmhult, and Växjö as often as I can! And when I can’t, there will be a sofa and extra mattress for you, my friends and fans (and my bed for the female groupies.)

Wish me luck, and “ta ta” for now!

TrendGiveAfuck opens in London!2 Mar 2010

TrendGiveAfuck opens in London! -  - TrendGiveAfuck

In case you didn’t know, The Licious will be the ambassadeur of Stockholm, and Adorian will be ambassadeur of London.

That’s right, I’m moving to England! That means double amount of parties and double amount of street style photos, as well as stories about style in the UK. Stay tuned for news from London in a standard 15-year-old-girl-posting-simple-minded-tales-of-what-she-had-for-breakfast-and-still-get-200-comments kind of way.

Adjö, Sverige and Hip hip, London!

Meet Mokonoki – the new playmate at Klippan14 Feb 2010

Meet Mokonoki – the new playmate at Klippan -  - TrendGiveAfuck

Happy Valentine’s day everyone! Here at Klippan the love recently rose with 50% when a new member of the Klippan crew entered the scene. Let me introduce to you Mokonoki!

He quickly found his place next to Bupp and seems to adapt fast to his new home. Don’t get fooled by his somewhat grumpy face, it’s his character and he wouldn’t change for all love and icecream in the world. Bupp is the opposite; always pleased with the circumstances and enjoying the moment, so this yin & yang couple should be perfect for each other.

What’s up with the hating?14 Dec 2009

What’s up with the hating? -  - TrendGiveAfuck

Why do people get annoyed when they see something they don’t like? And do they really feel better after taking a dump on it? I strongly believe that the less you hate, the happier life you’ll have, and the solution is all in how you percieve yourself and how well that image harmonize with who you want to be.

TrendGiveAfuck is like a ticking bomb, ready to be hated on. We dress funny for no obvious reason, steal the attention and have fun doing it. Some people can’t cope with that. But surprisingly enough, people cheer us and reward us with a smile on their face.

I wasn’t that fortunate this weekend when I was out with my bro. This rather modest outfit and my good mood (because I can’t really think of anything else, unless I walk in a very cocky way without knowing of it) gave me a hard shoulder tackle from a passing bloke (the kind of tackle that might unintentionally occur in a crowdy street, but we had plenty of space), and a second later a girl comments my nice pants. One bad reaction, one good reaction.  Balance restored. But seriously, that tackle was really uncalled for.

Stockholm Filmfestival – Bunny and the Bull & Humpday24 Nov 2009

Stockholm Filmfestival – Bunny and the Bull & Humpday -  - TrendGiveAfuck

When was the last time you went to a Film Festival? For us, it was yesterday! After a taco dinner and a quick visit to 7-Eleven for snacks, two movies stood in line: “Bunny and the Bull” and “Humpday” – both confirming what real male friendship is all about, and, girls, you might learn something too

We specially liked Bunny and the Bull, which was very funny, creative and arty, and which two male characters often reminded us of ourselves! I just hope that TheLicious never will go for bull fighting. I’d much prefer him kite surfing like Sir Richard Branson:


Taken from article: “Er, Richard Branson… you won’t go very fast with that naked model round your Necker!

TrendGiveAfuck board meeting15 Nov 2009

TrendGiveAfuck board meeting -  - TrendGiveAfuck

Adorian and Delicious hard at work. What’s the future of TrendGiveAfuck, and how can we bring our visitors the best experience possible? Got any suggestions?

The Emperor’s new Knokk9 Nov 2009

The Emperor’s new Knokk -  - TrendGiveAfuck

TrendGiveAfuck Knokk numero quatro! Adorian’s addicted. Purr purr for purple!

The Power of Social Dress-Codes26 Oct 2009

The Power of Social Dress-Codes -  - TrendGiveAfuck

See these guys on the photo? Yes, it’s us. Just over ten years ago.

I and Delicious met at high-school. Delicious was “that new guy”, but did something new guys don’t do – he started interacting with everyone immediately. So he didn’t hide in the shadows but was right in your face from the start, and we became very good friends in just a day.

We went to this snobbish high-school, sharing class rooms with the son of Benny Andersson from ABBA, the governor’s two children, children knowing the royal children, where Canada Goose winter jackets were school uniform already in August, and where people thought it was cool with golf balls with the school logotype.

We didn’t belong to them, though. Both came from different parts of town, having other friends, Delicious being hiphop-ish/reggae-ish, and I.. uhm… well, I was everything from shirt-and-stuicase nerd to jeans hippie to black leather-coat metal geek (Matrix FTW!!11 haxx0r!)

In our class, we both were known for our crazy antics, one of them being maybe our first experience with social dress-codes.

lacoste One day, we decided to mock the snobs at our school by dressing just like them, and acting like them. We dressed in trouser suits, Lacoste tennis shirts with popped collars and heavily waxed hair. We had our chins up and tried to talk with a more snobbish dialect. We even managed to time it on a day we had at least one talk in front of our whole class, whose jaws dropped.

After lunch, we hanged around the stairs in front of our school. As we usually do, as well as everybody else. Normally it would feel like “us and them”, but on this day, only because we dressed like them, we felt like they unconsciously welcomed us into their group, as if we always had been one of “them”.

ostra real

So we know very well our primitive needs to fit in a group – a flock. But we also know that in a flock you are not special. New people will have problems noticing you when you look just like the others you hang around with. We know how important it is to be yourselves, because at the end of that day, a girl in our class came up to us, stuttering:

“P..p… please.. be .. yourselves… tomorrow…”

We are not against bragging about how special you are, though! Show us your true style!