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Converse Extension19 May 2010

Converse Extension -  - TrendGiveAfuck

For you who love converse. And trouseres. And prefer taking off the trousers and the shoes at the same time…

These look like they would fit The Licious:

(I found these on

Thong Bikini Trousers17 May 2010

Thong Bikini Trousers -  - TrendGiveAfuck

Thong-bikini trousers… thong bikini-trousers…. my grammar fails me here. I guess I can’t focus really from the shock of this piece of clothing. This is more like: TrendWhatTheFuck?!

Ever feel you want that thong line without the bother of wearing thongs? This Brazilian invention is something for you! TROUSERS WITH BUILT-IN THONG!

The model reminds me of a Brazilian girl I once dated (prettier than the model). We had a discussion about how all the girls seem to be so comfortable in wearing string bikinis on the beach. She said rather that than being topless like so many do in Europe. Fair enough.

They trousers in blue, light blue, white and black. Click here if you fancy checking them out

H&M – Fashion Against AIDS14 May 2010

H&M – Fashion Against AIDS -  - TrendGiveAfuck

From the 20th of May, H&M will release a big “festival look” lineup, with prices from cheap to average, with 25% of the sales donated to youth HIV/AIDS awareness projects.

What’s a festival look? Well according to their press release:

“The festival look is a global trend that’s all about freedom of expression and shared experiences. Festivals are an escape from the real world, where fashion can really come to the fore. For girls this summer there’s a mix of rock with bohemia and glamour with added ethnic touches. Denim hotpants or patterned leggings are matched with embellished tunic tops, while maxi-dresses are toughened up when worn with leather jackets. Gladiator shoes, chunky bracelets, wide belts and beaded necklaces complete the look, while tribal print headphones give an extra twist.

For guys, it’s all about looking like you’re in the band, with slim blazers and jackets, faded and patched denim jeans and cropped shorts, embellished waistcoats, paisley vests and the essential rocker’s hat are all part of the picture…”

“… the collection for both guys and girls will encompass the whole festival experience, from clothes and accessories through to tents and sleeping bags, all the while raising funds to promote the message of safe sex.”

I wonder, aren’t these a bit more “freedom of expression” as a festival look? (Click)

Anyway, have fun on the festivals, and have loads of safe sex! ^_^

Show your style with NIKEiD5 May 2010

Show your style with NIKEiD -  - TrendGiveAfuck

Shoes shoes shoes. We love’em, right? Nike knows this, and also knows that true artists love to express their unique style and so they created NIKEiD, where you can design your own shoes.

Go nuts and give your feet the stylish treatment they deserve! – unique retro swim wear15 Apr 2010 – unique retro swim wear -  - TrendGiveAfuck

I’m not too swimsuits usually, but I wouldn’t mind my girl wearing one of WeAreHandsome’s swim wear. They are all handmade in limited quantity, so you can be sure not many other girls will have the same outfit as you. I also like their view on uniqueness:

“We want you to feel special, unique and amazing when wearing one of our pieces. We want you to rest assured that you’ll never see someone with the same outfit on, we want you to turn heads, to get people pointing. We want you to feel handsome – in every sense of the word.”

Now for some cool outfits for us boys, aight?

Wicked heels found at Style.com13 Feb 2010

Wicked heels found at -  - TrendGiveAfuck

Oh my effin’ God! is as huge as the URL gives hints of, and like us they like to go out in the streets and find interesting styles to share with their visitors. I found these amazing heels over there. You gotta love the designer’s effort, although I don’t know if many women voluntarily would risk their ankles for  this.

Fashion shoe to come8 Jan 2010

Fashion shoe to come -  - TrendGiveAfuck

I found this intersting shoe a couple of days ago. Looks like they’ve put together two shoes in this new model.

… well, that was my first thought when I saw it from distance at least. But I’m all up for the idea – the scene has played around with fabrics and colours for a while now, so it’s about time to move on to shapes. I could totally see this doable, so don’t give me shit when it’s a trend next season.


We’re featured on!23 Dec 2009

We’re featured on! -  - TrendGiveAfuck

Our friends at are associating us with Christmas shopping in their blog article ^_^

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Their article here: