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H&M – Fashion Against AIDS14 May 2010

H&M – Fashion Against AIDS -  - TrendGiveAfuck

From the 20th of May, H&M will release a big “festival look” lineup, with prices from cheap to average, with 25% of the sales donated to youth HIV/AIDS awareness projects.

What’s a festival look? Well according to their press release:

“The festival look is a global trend that’s all about freedom of expression and shared experiences. Festivals are an escape from the real world, where fashion can really come to the fore. For girls this summer there’s a mix of rock with bohemia and glamour with added ethnic touches. Denim hotpants or patterned leggings are matched with embellished tunic tops, while maxi-dresses are toughened up when worn with leather jackets. Gladiator shoes, chunky bracelets, wide belts and beaded necklaces complete the look, while tribal print headphones give an extra twist.

For guys, it’s all about looking like you’re in the band, with slim blazers and jackets, faded and patched denim jeans and cropped shorts, embellished waistcoats, paisley vests and the essential rocker’s hat are all part of the picture…”

“… the collection for both guys and girls will encompass the whole festival experience, from clothes and accessories through to tents and sleeping bags, all the while raising funds to promote the message of safe sex.”

I wonder, aren’t these a bit more “freedom of expression” as a festival look? (Click)

Anyway, have fun on the festivals, and have loads of safe sex! ^_^

Keith Haring’s BMW car10 May 2010

Keith Haring’s BMW car -  - TrendGiveAfuck

The Keith Haring Foundation was established in 1989 to assist AIDS-related and children’s charities, and maintains the largest resource of archives on the late artist, Keith Haring – father pieces of pop art you all will recognise.

And I love his car.

Click here to see more of his art.

TK Maxx – Give up your clothes for Good1 Apr 2010

TK Maxx – Give up your clothes for Good -  - TrendGiveAfuck

TK Maxx, United Kingdom, is taking clothes donations from 5th to 25th of April! Earnings from clothes collected and sold will go to Cancer Research UK. Click here to visit their page

For the really trendy ones, TK Maxx also has a Celebrity Auction on eBay, if you want to buy the REALLY posh cloths worn by someone famous, you know, those who buy one outfit for £, wears it just one evening, and usually throws it away.

TK Maxx isn’t the only shop selling 2nd hand clothes, and not the only one taking clothes donations. Personally I think they are just trying to earn some false good will to attract more bohemian customers.

Charity Saturday14 Nov 2009

Charity Saturday -  - TrendGiveAfuck

Have you checked your wardrobe lately? Far deep in to the darkest realms of it? I thought it was time to clean up a bit, and two bags of clothes sure do better in a store for charity vintage than in my wardrobe.

Myrorna’s ad copy is really spot on.24 Sep 2009

Myrorna’s ad copy is really spot on. -  - TrendGiveAfuck

Vintage stores go TrendGiveAfuck!

It’s old news that second hand stores offer a big variety of clothes to feed your original style. What surprised me when I browsed through the latest issue of Rodeo magazine was that both Myrorna and Stockholms Stadsmission had ads in it which had a strong TrendGiveAfuck feeling to them. No longer are we talking about these shops as cheap alternatives to get a costume for Halloween or a suit you’re only going to use one time. Now we’re talking hot street fashion and charity at the same time and everybody in the scene just loves it. We always buy second hand and we always give it back. So if you fall in love with any of our outfits you could actually find it in a second hand store with a little bit of luck.

But Stadsmissionen's outfits are one notch higher.

Stadsmissionen's outfits are one notch higher than Myrorna.