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You say tomato, I say fuck you!

Game Boy boots!3 Jun 2010

Game Boy boots! - Blog - TrendGiveAfuck

Love boots? Love retro? Love the classic game boy? I do! And I want these boots! They’d be perfect for dancing to chip music!

I guess you’d have to buy two game boys from 1989, but they only costs around $10 on eBay!

Designed by Helen Red Richards
Via: If shoes could kill

Buy an attitude at the Gallerian mall31 May 2010

Buy an attitude at the Gallerian mall - Blog - TrendGiveAfuck



Buy yours at our place.

So now we can buy an attitude? Yes, the clothes you wear will affect the way you feel, but this ad still annoys me. Buy clothes, buy an attitude, buy a style, buy happiness. I buy R/I shades and select imagination. Turn on, tune in, drop out.

iTee and iDress, iPad shirt and dress!31 May 2010

iTee and iDress, iPad shirt and dress! - Blog - TrendGiveAfuck

After this weekend the iPad hype might be less annoying. Oh, so you bought one? Maybe you want an iTee or an iDress with that?

“iDress – From the office to the cocktail lounge, read your iPad comfortably on your way to the next party in town.”

“iTee – The protective almost invisible front pouch stores and carries your iPad with you on the move.
Perfect for men and women with a digital lifestyle.”

… and a beer belly…

Find them here:

I’m a tie-o-holic!29 May 2010

I’m a tie-o-holic! - Blog - TrendGiveAfuck

It’s raining. So I’m doing some house cleaning today before a good friend from Sweden arrives to share a couple of glasses of high-percentage alcohol. Sorting out all the shit (papers and bills) and clothes in my room. Here’s to show that I’m not all show [sic], I actually have ties in every colour!

Save our Festivals!27 May 2010

Save our Festivals! - Blog - TrendGiveAfuck

I found and old ticket in a pile of rubble in a suitcase. Glade was happy times! This year, it was cancelled due to policy restrictions and too much police involvment.

A Facebook group tells more about closed down festivals and how to protect your other favourite festivals, and I urge you to join and continue the discussions:

Last year saw the closure of the Big Green and Thimbleberry Festival. This year, so far, Strawberry Fair and now the Glade……….. How many more are facing similar problems?

The aim of this group will be to bring together all those who are saying ‘enough is enough’. Stop closing down our festivals. Excessive charges for policing and over the top Health and Safety are killing a lot of the small, independent festivals.
This has to stop…

Visit Save Our Festivals here.

Take a look at how fun we had at Glade last year!

Kidrobot Memorial Day Weekend Garage Sale25 May 2010

Kidrobot Memorial Day Weekend Garage Sale - Blog - TrendGiveAfuck

Call in sick this Thursday morning, because Kidrobot is having a Memorial Day Garage Sale. All weekend long 50% off apparel at all Kidrobot stores and! It begins Thursday, May 27 at 11am EST online or when your respective location opens their doors, and lasts until Monday May 31. Don’t miss out!