Social experiment

TrendGiveAfuck has played with the social codes and the believed importance of uniform style and behaviour since 2008. People follow a certain social and nightlife dresscode to be a part of a community. We go right against that idea and don't fit in any group, still we prove again and again that one can be welcomed in any group if being open-hearted, unpreten-tious and with relaxed attitude.

Exterior reflects interior

Let your exterior reflect your interior, without any trends restricting your choices. If you let your soul shine through your own style, you will be a hundred times more respected than if you'd be wearing H&M's latest collection of the season. You'll be- come more selfconfident, free and have much more fun. Show'em all who you are and be proud!

Dont try this at home - try it where everybody sees you!
The outfit

Colours are ALWAYS good

Details enhance the composition, but can't survive on their own

Headgears and face accessories, like hats and glasses are good for face shots

When you think you're extrene, you're only at 60 % - GO NUTS!

Believe in your outfit - what feels inside show on the outside

Before the event

Find an outfit that mirrors today's mood and your personality (buy or find in your closets)

Gather a couple of friends to share the fun with.

Take some “studio photos” (crazy poses against a neutral background)

The Event

Mingle with the lots of other guests

Take lots of photos

Have fun!

After the event

Send the photos to us

Have brunch with your pals, talking about yesterday's event.

Give the clothes away to charity

Charity shop shopping

The outifts you see here on this site are only worn by us for one night. The day after we give them to charity (well some are keepers). Don't waste valuable space in your closet with clothes you'll never wear - give them away and make someone happy!

Fun - the mental

If you don't have fun doing this, well, don't do it, but we're having tons of fun! It never fails, everytime we're out, not only are we having fun, but others in our presence too. We spread joy and create a joyful atmosphere. We know that you can too!

We are nice guys, and we are always open to collaborations, invites, sponsor deals etc.This is also the way to contact us if you see anything on this site that you don’t think belong to us or shouldn’t be here.

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