iPod and phone charging Power Wellies!11 Jun 2010

iPod and phone charging Power Wellies! - Blog - TrendGiveAfuck

Orange, together with Gotwind, have designed thermoelectric wellingtons that charge your mobile phone using heat from your feet!

From their press release:
Twelve hours of stomping through the Glastonbury Festival in your Orange Power Wellies will give you enough power to charge a mobile phone for one hour. To increase the length of time you can charge your phone for, simply hot step it to the dance tent because the hotter your feet get, the more energy you produce.

Although still just a prototype and unavailable to buy, the Orange Power Wellies will be showcased by Orange at Glastonbury Festival later this month. So visit their “Chill n’ Charge” tent – you may see other cool eco-friendly charging things like the Foot Power Pump, as well as contests to win side-of-stage tickets…. and charge your phone, of course!

Hot chick not included

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