Save our Festivals!27 May 2010

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I found and old ticket in a pile of rubble in a suitcase. Glade was happy times! This year, it was cancelled due to policy restrictions and too much police involvment.

A Facebook group tells more about closed down festivals and how to protect your other favourite festivals, and I urge you to join and continue the discussions:

Last year saw the closure of the Big Green and Thimbleberry Festival. This year, so far, Strawberry Fair and now the Glade……….. How many more are facing similar problems?

The aim of this group will be to bring together all those who are saying ‘enough is enough’. Stop closing down our festivals. Excessive charges for policing and over the top Health and Safety are killing a lot of the small, independent festivals.
This has to stop…

Visit Save Our Festivals here.

Take a look at how fun we had at Glade last year!

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