Thong Bikini Trousers17 May 2010

Thong Bikini Trousers - Blog - TrendGiveAfuck

Thong-bikini trousers… thong bikini-trousers…. my grammar fails me here. I guess I can’t focus really from the shock of this piece of clothing. This is more like: TrendWhatTheFuck?!

Ever feel you want that thong line without the bother of wearing thongs? This Brazilian invention is something for you! TROUSERS WITH BUILT-IN THONG!

The model reminds me of a Brazilian girl I once dated (prettier than the model). We had a discussion about how all the girls seem to be so comfortable in wearing string bikinis on the beach. She said rather that than being topless like so many do in Europe. Fair enough.

They trousers in blue, light blue, white and black. Click here if you fancy checking them out

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