The Polaroid Instant Camera is Back!14 May 2010

The Polaroid Instant Camera is Back! - Blog - TrendGiveAfuck

Priced at $90, with film cost $10 for 10 pics, now in three colours (black, red, and blue), this little doll prints “business-card sized” photos instantly!

Totally new… uhm… wait a minute… acording to Engadget, this is just a rebranded Fujifilm Instax Mini 7. Boo! It doesn’t even use the same Polaroid 600 film as the classic cameras.

Lady Gaga was recently named Creative Director of one of Polaroid’s departments, with products being designed and built and on their way – let’s hope they are as classic and retro as we want them!

I am somewhat attracted to this, though… maybe because it looks like a Picasso version of a penguin…. Visit Polaroid’s site here

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