We love you Lab 5!12 May 2010

We love you Lab 5! - Blog - TrendGiveAfuck

We got this letter the other day, which makes us both happy as well as giving me some guilty conscience that I haven’t worked harder on the TrendGiveAfuck project since I moved to London. Anyway, we just want to say that we think that Lab 5 is fab!

“Hej killar!

Tänkte bara strö lite rosor på er väg, jag gillar verkligen er idé!
Den är underbar och ni utför den på ett fantastiskt sätt! Hänger gärna på er och festar nån gång i framtiden!

// Madeleine (en av de fantastiska Lab 5)”

“Hi, guys!

I just wanted to lay roses on your road – I really like your idea!
It’s wonderful and you execute it fantastically! (We’d/I’d) love to join you and party sometime in the future!

// Madeleine (of the fantastic Lab 5)”

In case you forgot, here are some pics of Lab 5 from our journeys:

Lab 5 at Hootchy Kootchy Club
Kreml de la Kreml (of Lab 5) at Hootchy Kootchy Club

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