Henry, 23, London7 May 2010

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I was visiting this vintage market on Brick Lane the other day. Had a conversation with this guy about interesting clothes to wear, like these mad pair of boots he actually was selling but unfortunately didn’t fit me.

It took me a good amount of time before I noticed that he was wearing clothes older than myself, including a top hat! Surely, being so confident in his own style that strangers don’t even notice him dressing a bit different is pure TrendGiveAfuck!

  • Kimberley Jayne Barrett - 15th May 10,20:50 Reply to this comment

    I like his vibe, however I think he has let himself down on one of the most important aspects of a Victorian salute……his shoes.
    With that hat, this gentleman should be correctly suited and booted!
    Next time I’m at the market, I’m going to sidle over to him and make some gentle suggestions of footwear to him :)

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