Shunt – Dean Gibbons and the knowledge of death5 Apr 2010

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Shunt is a gigantic cellar themed pub, it’s entrance through a small door right in London Bridge underground station. Three bars, many chairs sofas and tables, fresh and damp air (it used to be a wine storage), short film cinema, experimental music, still image and object art standing or hanging here and there.

I went there without much expectation, except for the tempo to rise after twelve or something, which, unfortunately, didn’t happen before I got too tired and went home. The club seOne, a really captain club under London Bridge, had similar huge cellar vaults but is now closed :(

I did enjoy the very cozy place of Shunt and spent a couple of hours there, enjoying the magnificent atmosphere and mixed-form art, and look forward to going there again, now without expectation for tempo. Perhaps they will surprise with some lounge music next time :)

View some photographs of the interior below:

shunt 30s style room

A small room bringing you back 80 years, old radio shows playing in the background

shunt mysterious door

Door to 30s room

shunt vault room 1 of many

One of many rooms of Shunt Vaults. Very high ceiling and calming lighting

shunt bar 1

The bars were small but still had lots to drink, a little pricey, though

shunt doorway and hanging doll

Left: one of several doorways. RIght: creepy doll

shunt bar 2

A pub with slightly more lighting you were unsure if they were actors or visitors

shunt market

Small market selling prints

shunt band

Large band playing experimental music with kinds of instruments and song. Sometimes a little too complex.

shunt - a doll or a dead girl?

A doll or a dead girl? Later she stood up, rising 8 feet in the air and very talkative

shunt - eerie chair and a sulking box

Eerie chair and a sulking box...

shunt people and dolls

People moving like robotic dools, making loud noise when stomping on the floor. Pretty kewl.

shunt hang man

I was convinced that doll was going to start moving and shouting random latin quotes.

shunt projection and mirror art

Left: weird corner with animated projections. Right: hanging, mezmerising, mirrors

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