It’s written…14 Mar 2010

It’s written… - 2010-03-14,BLOC Weekend 2010 pt2/3,Minehead - UK - TrendGiveAfuck

… that BLOC Weekend 2010 is gonna be just as awesome as in 2009. I’d like to say that God foresaw this and wrote it in the sand – but that’s surely not true. I wonder who the artist is…

  • kurt chircop - 30th May 10,09:34 Reply to this comment

    muhauhauh! i am the artist ! hah

  • Liam Calleja - 10th May 10,18:30 Reply to this comment

    Its maltese lol. Fgura is a town in Malta.
    Bloc 2010 was amazing .. can’t wait for 2011 :D

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