This is it10 Mar 2010

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Just half an hour before lift off. United Kingdom before me, Sweden behind me.

If life was like a book, this is not the end of a chapter. It’s the end of a volume. A new front cover, a new page intentionally left blank, a new page dedicated to all my wonderful friends from before, and new jewels I’ve met just the last couple of months. Friends I’m so lucky to have back home in Sweden.

This is not farewell. It’s “au revoir! You will be surely missed and I will try to come to Stockholm, Malmö, Älmhult, and Växjö as often as I can! And when I can’t, there will be a sofa and extra mattress for you, my friends and fans (and my bed for the female groupies.)

Wish me luck, and “ta ta” for now!

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