Posing trio and why I despise lesbians27 Feb 2010

Posing trio and why I despise lesbians - 2010-02-27,Hootchy Kootchy Club,Stockholm - TrendGiveAfuck

Pose! Yeah, no problem. Guys are easy and outgoing whether they are gay or not. Talking about females on the other hand, I’m sorry to say that EDIT  lesbian chicks females that behave in a man-hating manner, have short cut hair and kiss other girls /EDIT suck. I did try to interact with some of them, asking for a pose with Adorian, but when you get a “I don’t want to pose with that man” for a reply it’s just not worth it. And on top of that she pushed herself in front of me in the bar. Lesbians, and others with that kind of attitude alike, are good for nothing.

  • POOdle - 1st Mar 10,21:08 Reply to this comment

    All lesbians aren’t like that! You should maybe rephrase that to “all lesbian chicks we’ve met suck”.

    • theLicious http://trendgiveafuck.com - 1st Mar 10,23:28 Reply to this comment

      You’re right, from an objective standpoint. But this web site is a manifestation of two person’s personal opinions and thoughts. I’m sure I’ve met nice lesbians, only I didn’t know they were lesbians because they didn’t build their identity from a ready made template. So I’m not talking about homosexual girls here, I’m talking about this kind of attitude that I sometimes run into, and it’s all good but please leave me out of it.

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