Wicked heels found at Style.com13 Feb 2010

Wicked heels found at Style.com - Blog - TrendGiveAfuck

Oh my effin’ God! Style.com is as huge as the URL gives hints of, and like us they like to go out in the streets and find interesting styles to share with their visitors. I found these amazing heels over there. You gotta love the designer’s effort, although I don’t know if many women voluntarily would risk their ankles for  this.

  • Nick http://www.jevic-tcp.info - 27th Jul 11,17:52 Reply to this comment

    The shoes in the top picture don’t look comfortable or attractive.

    But the little hearts are a nice touch…

  • Anna Munkhammar http://munkhammar.tk - 14th Feb 10,14:23 Reply to this comment

    Ävre bilden var ju skitsnyggt, men om jag hade dem skulle jag nog mest sitta och stå. Lite riskabelt att dansa med kanske :-P

    De undre är jag nog inte så mycket för.

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