The XX, Weekday, girls’ taste in music, and guys’ will to change anything26 Jan 2010

The XX, Weekday, girls’ taste in music, and guys’ will to change anything - Blog - TrendGiveAfuck

We don’t have this blog to be politically correct, so I take the liberty of saying: Swedish girls’ taste in music sucks. Too many are saying “I listen to a little bit of everything” when they really mean they listen to the terrible pop channels or Eurovision Contest winners and nominees. Blah.

Okay, Swedish people in general have bad taste, but what an article in Swedish events blog “DN På Sta’n” indicates, is that of all shopkeepers in different clothes shops, guys are the most prominent in complaining or taking control of what music is being played in their shop.

Why? I wish I knew!

A while back before I got work as a graphics and web designer, I used to work at 7-Eleven. All 7-Eleven stores have a contract with Swedish radio channel RixFM (which sucks balls, mainly because they plays the same Top 10 tracks over and over again) and must be played during all 24 opening hours. I, of course, always brought my iPod with me, to many customer’s delight. Like 7-Eleven, most shops have a deal with a channel, or must play CDs or playlists ordered from “up top”. Weekday, on the other hand, has quite a different approach, and quite different music. From the article mentioned earlier I read “because most of the employees are male” and “guys have demands”. They even have a DJ booth at their store.

C’mon, you girls with strong wills and opinions – teach your girlfriends that there is so much music out there, and when you want something – go ahead and take control! You just might meet a guy with the same taste in music and life ^_^

  • Nina - 18th Feb 10,21:57 Reply to this comment

    Adorian, I’m not Fetmabebis.
    My name is for real Nina, but yeah I know that guy that wrote those comments. He’s a friend of mine.
    I get ur point, I mean I have nothing against this site. But I know, that the more we put ourself’s out there, the more of those disgusting “Fjortis” wannabees are gonna follow. That’s why I’m freaked out. Because it was a while ago I could relax and think, hey, maybe I look kinda cool today. I got so freaked out looking like everyone else that i bought a ankle-long mink-coat just because people would give me ugly looks.
    I’m sorry if I caused you any trouble.

  • Nina - 18th Feb 10,19:27 Reply to this comment

    The thing is though, that I’m getting a vibe that you guys are corrupting and commercializing that little nisch that a small group of society started.
    I mean, all of these people in this freakin’ site look absolutely the same. It’s kind of a bummer. That I can’t dress the way I like anymore because people like you are totally laying us out there, showing all of our cards. You guys totally saw what happened to “EMO”. I mean at first it was like death cab and bright eyes. Now those disgusting losers tokio hotel have corrupted the whole friggin meaning. And walking around in hello kitty back-packs is supposed to be classed as emo?!
    It feels like you guys are making it happen again, just with another genre. This whole new fashion style “indie”. Is actually really not indie. It’s stands for friggin’ INDUVIDUAL, then why is it that every fuckin’ chick and dude on the street are claiming that they’re so indie because they just bought a striped shirt?
    You are selling us out, AND DEAR GOD, STOP!

    • Adorian - 18th Feb 10,20:40 Reply to this comment

      Dear, Fetmabebis, thanks for your opinion again. We believe that everyone should dress the way they feel like, without feeling the pressure from neither general culture nor their own, so called, sub culture. We should all share our ideas and get inspired by others, and from that create our own style.

      Style is, on the other hand, not only the way you dress, but also your attitude. On this site we discuss the power of first impressions as well as how you can accomplish anything if you have a good self confidence. After all, even the most beautiful/attractive people with expensive make-up and clothes can look weak if they have low self confidence.

      It can be both a bottom-up and a top-down solution. You start by working on your appearance. If you think you look good, you start to feel good. If you feel good, your expression towards other people will glow. And from this you’ll go to, oh, so many areas too many to compile in this comment. This is a huge social experiment. Please stay tuned and we will discuss many interesting topics in this blog.

  • POOdle - 27th Jan 10,12:01 Reply to this comment

    I love stores with their own DJ booths! :)

    Maybe girls are just better at ignoring the crap that plays on the radio. ;)

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