Amanda Berg – helping or ruining the style of Gothenburg?17 Jan 2010

Amanda Berg – helping or ruining the style of Gothenburg? - Blog - TrendGiveAfuck

In an article in Swedish free newspaper Metro, Amanda Berg says she will help the less posh Gothenburg with inspiration for other styles. The first quote “why wear one bracelet when you can wear five” sounds promising, but not many lines later she loses many points in her views of how the spring fashion should look like:

1) Sweatpants work in any form.
Comment: yes, if you want to look like a tramp. You don’t have to have any imagination to think what to wear in the morning, and they are easy to take off if someone hands you a penny or two.

2) High-fit shirts shows of your tummy and are great with high-fit jeans!
Comment: Oh no, please… no high-fit trousers! They make anyone’s bum look like it’s on an 80-year old.

3) Strong colours no pastels as usual, but higher contrast and neon.
Comment: Well, why not. But it’s not new.

Closing comment: What about GUYS!?

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