What’s up with the hating?14 Dec 2009

What’s up with the hating? - Blog - TrendGiveAfuck

Why do people get annoyed when they see something they don’t like? And do they really feel better after taking a dump on it? I strongly believe that the less you hate, the happier life you’ll have, and the solution is all in how you percieve yourself and how well that image harmonize with who you want to be.

TrendGiveAfuck is like a ticking bomb, ready to be hated on. We dress funny for no obvious reason, steal the attention and have fun doing it. Some people can’t cope with that. But surprisingly enough, people cheer us and reward us with a smile on their face.

I wasn’t that fortunate this weekend when I was out with my bro. This rather modest outfit and my good mood (because I can’t really think of anything else, unless I walk in a very cocky way without knowing of it) gave me a hard shoulder tackle from a passing bloke (the kind of tackle that might unintentionally occur in a crowdy street, but we had plenty of space), and a second later a girl comments my nice pants. One bad reaction, one good reaction.  Balance restored. But seriously, that tackle was really uncalled for.

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