Blondinbella3 Nov 2009

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118118 is a Swedish telephone service with which you can call or text “any” question and get an answer in minutes. They are promoting themselves by publishing a book called “Hur kul får man egentligen ha? (eng: How much fun can you actually have?)” [Lilleman & Smultron] where they collect the funniest questions and funniest answers. One is concerning the Swedish fashion-blog celebrity Blondinbella. Must be pretty old, since she’s been a brunette for a while now. Luckily, the prediction from 118118 was wrong:

What would happen to the world if Blondinbella would colour her hair brown?

If Blondinbella would colour her hair brown and become Brunettebella, she would star her own television series, the newspapers would devote 18 pages on the subject and it would be the main news item on the evening news on TV

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