Meggings and non-prescription glasses30 Oct 2009

Meggings and non-prescription glasses - Blog - TrendGiveAfuck

We don’t promote trends but here’s two style expressions that are kind of balancing on the trend edge, like meggins!

And non prescription glasses!
Non prescription glasses!

They’ve both been around for some years but we’ve never seen an explosion. Both are a bit provocative and that’s why I like’em. But my attitude is ambivalent – it’s like the I-can-talk-shit-bout-my-mama-but-you-can’t-phenomenon; I like wearing it but I laugh at others wearing it. But despite laughing I can’t refrain from thinking you and I baby, we know what it’s all about.

They are still trends in a way so it’s a bit plain unless you make it into your own thing.

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