Umeå Hills 9065517 Oct 2009

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Actually the whole town lies in a valley, which is why -10°C feels different than -10°C in Stockholm, even though both are coast towns. And may I say, it was pretty damn cold in the evening and at night! Brrrr. Anyhow, Delicious and I have some insight in the fashion, the trends and the style of the Umeå citizens.

We do have some insight in the Umeå fashion scene from before, since we spent quite some time there a couple of years ago. And it’s to noone’s surprise that Stadium / Intersport / ski fashion has a stronghold there as well as in any city in the northern part of our country. Besides from that we mostly see functional and casual clothing. Worth to be mentioned is that Umeå is a university town with every fourth person being a student. Student’s are not really famous for having the best style around, but no offense Umeå, we still love you.

Having said that it’s still possible to find kick-ass outfits, but please – don’t “fake it until you make it”. City Nöjesmagasinet is a pure example of someone trying too hard:


We’re sorry, non-Swedish speaking readers, email us and we’ll translate ^_^ This girl is casual and unpretentious. To say that leopard-patterned shoes and red sun-glasses are “daring” is a little over the top, isnt it? On the same page we have this young man:


He is also stylish and “daring”, the author says. Wow, she must have a template with words she must use in all articles! This is casual clothing, not high fashion, so don’t use exaggerated words taken from bigger magazines to make it sound as if it was.

To have a fashion section in a newspaper with “street style” photographs has become somewhat of a trend lately. You see here, following a trend can be to try too hard if you’re not suitable for it. Find your own style instead, and no pretentious blog-ass fuckers will be able to reach you.

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