Precis Lagom25 Sep 2009

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I noticed this brand a year ago when I saw their really cool coat (first image on the left), I’d say they have a unique look to standard clothing, and slightely more.. let’s say “lively” shapes. Looking like clothes you’d only see on cat walks, these can be found in various stores in Scandinavia as well as in the US. Check out their site!


Taken from the Precis Lagom facebook group: “When the vikings took time off from burning and pillaging, they used to gather around the campfire to down a horn of mead. Though their thirst was great after all their exertions, it became a matter of honour for each warrior to ration his intake so that the horn didn´t run dry before everyone had a swig. In other words, one had to drink team-wise, or laget om, later shortened to lagom. When something is said to be “lagom” it actually means it´s the best.”


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