Myrorna’s ad copy is really spot on.24 Sep 2009

Myrorna’s ad copy is really spot on. - Blog - TrendGiveAfuck

Vintage stores go TrendGiveAfuck!

It’s old news that second hand stores offer a big variety of clothes to feed your original style. What surprised me when I browsed through the latest issue of Rodeo magazine was that both Myrorna and Stockholms Stadsmission had ads in it which had a strong TrendGiveAfuck feeling to them. No longer are we talking about these shops as cheap alternatives to get a costume for Halloween or a suit you’re only going to use one time. Now we’re talking hot street fashion and charity at the same time and everybody in the scene just loves it. We always buy second hand and we always give it back. So if you fall in love with any of our outfits you could actually find it in a second hand store with a little bit of luck.

But Stadsmissionen's outfits are one notch higher.

Stadsmissionen's outfits are one notch higher than Myrorna.

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