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PopTron fuels your pre-party10 Sep 2009

PopTron fuels your pre-party - Blog - TrendGiveAfuck

Hipsters love this.

Do you like music? I do. I adore music, if it’s the right kind. Soma FM’s Groove Salad got me hooked on the chilled/defrosted part of electronica in 2001, and though a lot has happened since then Groove Salad still delivers the best chillout on the world wide web. However today I found a new station on the Soma FM menu that caught my attention.

Røyksopp, Datarock, Bloc Party, Mew, LCD Soundsystem, Ratatat, Go! Team…. PopTron serves “electropop and indie dance rock with sparkle and pop” that will make you move.

It’s perfect for those trendy ass fashionista preparties of yours and from now on it will be obligatory on the TrendGiveAfuck parties. And if you’re not in the mood, it’s still worth a visit just to enjoy the random and spontanious lyrics that took two months to come up with, delivered by some inveterately hoarse indie chic. Like I told Adorian – I haven’t heard music this pretentious since I gave Belle & Sebastian a try in the beginning of the century.

You can play Internet radio in any mp3-player you have, like iTunes, Windows Media Player or Winamp. click here to listen.

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