Teddybears @ Berns4 Sep 2009

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Yesterday the eminent electro punkrock band Teddybears, as they call themselves after making it to the states and removing the STHLM suffix, held a free concert at Berns in Stockholm. I’ve been a Teddybears fan for many years and this was an opportunity not to be missed since I haven’t seen them live since 2001.

The venue was packed with people who was patiently waiting in front of a huge curtain covering the scene. Then 30 minutes after announced time for take off the curtain dropped and three bears in black suits blasted off with Ahead of my time. The strong opening was followed by other hits from Rock’n'Roll Highschool and Fresh but the audience was also treated with new songs from their coming album. A lot of guest artist showed up on the stage whereof  Robyn, also first disguised in a bear mask, was the biggest name. A girl next to me went “Is it really Robyn? How cool isn’t that!?”.

And sure it was Robyn, there to perform Cobrastyle one hour into the show. Unfortunately there was some technical problems with the sound system right then and the drummers (yes, they had two of them) entertained the audience with a hardcore drum medley while they tried to fix the problem. This was however a task too hard to accomplish and after a short Cobrastyle performance accompanied by a tight beatbox by Swingfly, Robyn walked off stage and the concert was over.

I still got to give Teddybears huge props for doing a free concert that was wicked while it lasted. Be sure to check out their new album when it hits the streets, it has huge potential to kick ass.

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