Stockholm! Show us your inner beauty!29 Aug 2009

Stockholm! Show us your inner beauty! - Blog - TrendGiveAfuck

We at TrendGiveAfuck want all people to dress a little lively, share some more colour than the standard black and white clothes Swedish people tend to be wearing. We want everyone to be a little more creative and combine more styles – to be a collage of what YOU think and feel today. That is one of the reasons to why we sometimes (or often) dress in an extreme fashion. If we dress a lot worse, it won’t be a huge step for everyone else to just add some funny bits to their clothing – you’ll never be as crazy as us ;)

Today, I and Delicious were out photographing people on the streets for a new part of We want to capture all of you who dress independently from the current trends, who have thought a little bit extra this morning, or just show a huge amount of charm in your appearance. Every day, you will see a new face on this blog, and perhaps a comment to why we thought he or she was worth having his/her photo taken.

We must say, though, that we were a bit disappointed in how hard it was to find these jems of the streets! C’mon, Stockholm! Life is not black&white, it’s as colourful as your breakfast cereal (uhm.. if you have M&M’s for breakfast, that is). Brighten up your day and everyone else’s by adding something extra to your exterior!

We’ll love you for it!


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