Not Today’s Outfit (anymore)9 May 2009

Not Today’s Outfit (anymore) - 2009-05-09,Metro,Stockholm - Sweden - TrendGiveAfuck

Today’s outfit:

Delicious: Yellow red/green/blue/brown checkerboard leggings from Jamaica, green fake converse shoes, yellow ultra-modern tee with confusing, black pattern, a fine-patterned marine blue and white vest from the eightees that shall not be tied. Copper reality/imagination shades.

Adorian: Brown leather pants with rippled knees and a black canabis flower on the ass (which looks kinda lika a tribal in the curve of the back, which is sooo cool), summer ice-cream shirt with too short sleeves, totally modern yarn scarf, knitted off-white hat, knitted mittens with soft testicals, purple watch to match the purple shutter shades.

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