Adorian Reykjavik4 Apr 2009

Adorian Reykjavik - 2009-04-04,Kelly's/Marie Laveau,Stockholm - Sweden - TrendGiveAfuck

Yes I am a 47 year-old producer, torn in the edges, disgustingly rich, naughty as hell and high on life and all it offers. Icelandish birds are indeed the melody for 2009. I’ll write a tune about it.

  • Adorian - 28th Jul 09,00:06

    Comments closed because I’m fed up cleaning up spams just for this one post. Sorry guys!

  • Icelandic songbirds - 8th Apr 09,16:11

    Cheers !

  • Max - 7th Apr 09,21:47

    I chatted with those gals. They were really sweet.