Adorian Delicious hamlet and humpty dumpty14 Mar 2009

Adorian Delicious hamlet and humpty dumpty - 2009-03-14,BLOC Part 2/2,Minehead - UK - TrendGiveAfuck

Adorian Dumpty sat on a wall. Adorian Dumpty had a great ball. And all the BLOCs hipsters and all the BLOCs drugs couldn’t compare to the graciousness of Delicious’ Hamlet pose. Shakespear turns in his grave, wanting to share the moment. A true Kodak moment it is.

  • Flyboy - 22nd Mar 09,23:09 Reply to this comment

    Cool pick, would be nice to been there with you boys. wee other dudes did ower one TGF work in Gotherborg for yeah.

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